Tirunelveli Vengaya Vadagam/Onion Vadagam 200g

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Vengaya Vadagam is popular traditional food item from Tirunelveli region of Tamil Nadu, India. It is a sun-dried condiment made with onions, urad dal base and various spices.

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Vengaya vadagam contains 100g (pack of 2).



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Ingredients: Onion, garlic, cumin, mustard seeds, red chilly, urad dal, curry leaves, gingelly oil and salt.

Storage and Shelf life: The shelf life is 12 months from the date of packaging. Store the vadagam in a dry place to prevent moisture absorption.

Frying vengaya vadagam in low heat ensures that the onions and spices inside get cooked thoroughly while maintaining a crispy texture. It also allows the flavors to develop slowly resulting in a delicious and aromatic condiment to enhance your dishes.

Vengaya Vadagam is primarily used as side-dish in South Indian cuisine. In Tirunelveli cuisine, vengaya vadagam is indeed a popular accompaniment with curd rice, arisi paruppu sadam and sambar sadam, and it can impart a similar taste and texture to fried pakodas when mixed with the rice. The vadagam’s crispy texture and savory flavor can mimic the satisfying crunch and taste of fried pakodas, enhancing the overall experience of eating curd rice.

When vengaya vadagam is mixed with curd rice, it softens slightly due to the moisture from the rice and yogurt, creating a texture reminiscent of fried snacks like pakodas. Additionally, the spices and flavors present in the vadagam infuse into the curd rice, adding depth and complexity to the dish.

This combination of vengaya vadagam with curd rice offers a delightful contrast of textures and flavors, making it a favorite comfort food in Tirunelveli and other parts of Tamil Nadu. It’s a simple yet satisfying dish that showcases the versatility of South Indian cuisine.

It adds a unique taste and aroma to various dishes, such as Puli Kuzhambu ( any type of curry), and even rice preparations like lemon rice. It can also be added during the tempering process or ground into a powder and used as seasoning.

At hommix, this traditional variety is made by hand that adds a homemade touch and authentic flavor to your dishes, making them more delicious and aromatic. We also make sure to choose a clean and hygienic spot for drying as drying process is curcial for preserving the vadagam and intensifying its flavors.

In Tirunelveli and surrounding regions, vengaya vadagam holds cultural and culinary significance. It is often prepared in large quantities during the summer months when onions are abundantly available and then stored for year-round use.

Vengaya vadagam adds a delightful twist to dishes , enhancing their flavor profile with its unique blend of spices and rich essence of onions.


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  1. Indhuja N

    Vengaya vadagam is delicious.It pops up perfectly and has a very nice taste.

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