Onion vadagam/Koozh vathal 300g


Immerse yourself in South Indian tradition with Hommix Onion Koozh Vadagam – a flavorful, sustainable, and preservative-free snack.

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Product Description:

Fermented Rice Base: Relish the unique flavor of our Onion Koozh Vadagam—carefully crafted with premium fermented rice batter.

Solar Brilliance: Immerse yourself in eco-freshness as vadagams bask in the sun within a sustainable solar tunnel dryer.

Preserving Onion Richness: Experience the deep onion flavor, meticulously dehydrated during the crisp winter season to capture its essence.

Versatile Snacking Pleasure: Elevate your meals or savor them alone—our vadagams complement soups, curries, or any indulgent moment.

Preservative-Free Goodness: Hommix ensures pure goodness—vadagams crafted without the use of artificial preservatives.

Quality Ingredients: Meticulously made with fermented rice batter, small onion, green chili, cumin, and salt for a perfect blend.

Carefully Packed, 12-Month Shelf Life: Hand-packed and finely dried, vadagams store well—enjoy 12 months of freshness from the packaging date.

Indulge in Crispy Goodness: Treat yourself to the crispy delight of our Onion Koozh Vadagam, adding a tantalizing crunch to your favorite dishes.

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